Life 華嚴

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Life 華嚴

While you live, Shine


While you live, shine            Don’t suffer anything at all;

Life exists only a short while           And time demands its toll.

Seikilos Epitaph–

 A human being lives in an ecosystem. Every life is mutually correlated in the world. It is a truth of the cosmos that I understand. Mandala, a spiritual symbol in Buddhism and Eastern culture, represents the world. It shows a certain understanding of the world by human beings in a particular visual way. My work attempts to express life force within the world which always changes in a symbolic form of Mandala, the visual and cultural heritage, that human beings have used.

     About the relationship between life and the world, the key point is harmony. Like in symphony, in my work, everything is dancing in balance showing a certain system in diversity and playfulness. Every life having its own unique form and feature, might have evolved from a primordial cell or a life. Thus, I strive to express the theme; ‘life force’ fully sophisticatedly in a simple way for ‘unity in diversity’ concurrently. Every life image makes various patterns with its movements and shapes as time passes by. In the work, what made by the patterns and a mass of life images is the world itself. In other words, each life exists in the world, and the world consists of every life. Through the movement of life images in time-based media, I am eager to express the progress of changing between the beginning and the ending as the birth and the death in circulation.

     In this series of works, I combine the idea; the relationship between life and the world, and the structure of Mandala image as the format of symbolizing that human beings have perceived the world to express life force for visualizing the natural law of the cosmos. This is a story of the relationship between the world and life.