Twilight zone (2014)

This sound work is influenced by the image and the message of movie ‘Matrix’. In the movie, the world is made of mathematical information, and time and space are extended like rubber. This translation and flexibility are fascinating to me.

Another influence is the presentation of external circumstances and inner mind states at the same time. Environment is always changing. There are many voices, values and trends. Those build a flow that creates an atmosphere or culture in a certain group like school or company, or the spirit of the times.

In fact, the border line between our will and effects from the environment is vague, especially when we have a choice. The environment and the subject affect each other. Even though this  ambiguity is true, to live by ourselves or to be self-reliant, we need to rise above the circumstances around us.

Mostly, I chose two different sound resources; crowd sounds that were captured in Grunwald gallery and water imagery sounds such as sonar, waterdrop and scuba diving.

I worked mainly in Reason, DAW software, because I like the sophisticated effects. I use a lot of effects to create a certain space and express flexible time such as reverb, changing tempo and level, echo, EQ changes and so on.


Samenwerken, an exhibition of interdisciplinary collaborative multi-media works


Reception: Samenwerken
September 21, 2012 (6:00 PM – 8:00 PM)
Location: Grunwald Gallery

The Grunwald Gallery of Art is pleased to announce Samenwerken, an exhibition of interdisciplinary collaborative multi-media works. This exhibition will open to the public with a reception Friday, September 21, 6:00 – 10:00pm. The opening reception will include live DJ’s and experimental music from IU and Bloomington musicians. The exhibition will be on view through Thursday, October 11, 2012.

Taken from the Dutch word meaning “teamwork”, Samenwerken will feature ambitious interdisciplinary collaborative works focusing on the combination of new and traditional media that change the dynamic of the space and challenge the perception of the viewer. The collaborative groups are comprised of current Indiana University students, alumni and faculty from the School of Fine Arts as well as collaborators from outside of Indiana University.

The collaborative groups featured in Samenwerken include Megan Abajian (Visiting Assistant Professor, Textiles) with Dave Rowe (Visiting Assistant Professor, 3D); Chris Dacre (Visiting Assistant Professor Printmaking) with Tomiko Jones (Assistant Professor of Photography and Area Coordinator, Metropolitan State College of Denver, Colorado); Danielle Head (Visiting Assistant Professor (photo) IU with Alessandra Sulpy; Instructor of Art, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, Edinboro PA. Suzanne Wyss (MFA candidate, sculpture) with William Pariso; (MFA candidate, ceramics); Kristy Hughes (MFA candidate, printmaking) with Maggie Crowley (MFA candidate, painting, University of Chicago; Rose Werr, Catherine Chi and Hye- Jin Kang; (MFA candidates, DART) with Matthew Gunnselman (BFA candidate, DART) with students from Central Academy of Art Beijing , China; Brandie Roberts (BFA ceramics, IU Alumni) with Bryan Roberts, Tony Brewer, Darja Malcom Clarke, Christine Williams (IU Alumni), Joy Hanford, Robert Wendling (IMPD) and Willow Hughes, Paula Chambers, Denise Travers; and Jeremy Sweet (MFA printmaking, IU alumni) with Amy Sweet (IU Alumni, Interior Design/Architecture).

Summer Program in the Central Academy of Fine Arts. May 14-June 17, 2012

IU-Administered Summer Program conducted in partnership with the Central Academy of Fine Arts. May 14 – June 17, 2012
The program host, Central Academy of Fine Arts (中央美術学院), is considered the very top art institute in China. It is the only advanced academy of fine arts under direct charge of the Department of Education. Renowned faculties from CAFA will co-teach special topics in the program – bridging traditional Chinese art materials to contemporary practices. The projects will allow students from all areas to experiment with new ideas and styles, while simultaneously advancing work in their favored medium. The course will be conducted in the form of lectures, demonstrations, studio practices, cultural lessons, and extensive field trips.
Contemporary Chinese art has drawn international attention since the 1990s. With new economic and cultural openness and the growing middle-class, China has produced a booming art scene that plays an important role in current artistic discourse. Beyond the exciting new developments, the main attraction to China is its ancient past. With a long and rich history, Chinese art symbolizes one of the highest cultural sophistications in the ancient world. Countless historical monuments and architectural wonders offer ample sources of inspiration. Interdisciplinary Studio Art Practice in China provides a unique work experience wherein the participants can record and render their impressions surrounded by the remains of the traditional and the energy of the Twentieth Century. The program will be conducted in Beijing – the economical, political, and cultural capital of China.