Twilight zone (2014)

This sound work is influenced by the image and the message of movie ‘Matrix’. In the movie, the world is made of mathematical information, and time and space are extended like rubber. This translation and flexibility are fascinating to me.

Another influence is the presentation of external circumstances and inner mind states at the same time. Environment is always changing. There are many voices, values and trends. Those build a flow that creates an atmosphere or culture in a certain group like school or company, or the spirit of the times.

In fact, the border line between our will and effects from the environment is vague, especially when we have a choice. The environment and the subject affect each other. Even though this  ambiguity is true, to live by ourselves or to be self-reliant, we need to rise above the circumstances around us.

Mostly, I chose two different sound resources; crowd sounds that were captured in Grunwald gallery and water imagery sounds such as sonar, waterdrop and scuba diving.

I worked mainly in Reason, DAW software, because I like the sophisticated effects. I use a lot of effects to create a certain space and express flexible time such as reverb, changing tempo and level, echo, EQ changes and so on.